Kozminski Venture Lab
Ecosystem of innovation support

It is part of the Kozminski Business Hub company established to support existing and new businesses. We use the experience gained over the years and the growing potential of the Kozminski Business Hub community of students, graduates and university partners by offering consulting, organizing hackathons and mentoring for startups and companies looking for innovative solutions



Kozminski Venture Lab platform

We advise on the organization of competitions and Hackathon challenges so that the involvement of students and graduates is as extensive as possible. Our team has professional competence and experience in complex organization of such events

Leothon, a business hackathon based on our innovation challenge platform, gathers the most talented students and graduates in one place to meet the partner’s expectations. In response to the challenge indicated by the partner, participants develop advanced business and technological solutions. We organize both online and offline events, provide our platform and offer comprehensive support. The duration of challenges is always suited to clients’ needs


During the projects, we work with mentors from the Kozminski Venture Lab community, as well as with mentors of Partners dedicated to a specific area of the challenge



Why Kozminski Venture Lab?

We work with enterprises, startups and government organizations. So far, we have carried out 6 hackathons in cooperation with ten partners, with a total of almost 500 participants. We organize not only business hackathons, but also technological ones, focused on solutions that care for the environment and support sustainable development. Our most recent hackathons were: AI in the service of the disabled, EcoTechnology for Cities, and a business hackathon for Goodie

Benefits for the Partner


Possibility to use the knowledge and experience of the best business university in Central and Eastern Europe


Access to the 65,000-strong Kozminski University community (students, graduates and business partners


Access to innovative solutions that can be implemented in the organization


Possibility to use extensive experience of our experts

Selected projects



Opinions about us

Our team



If you have an idea for a team challenge, contact us!

If you are interested in Leothon or our platform, write to us. We will present you an offer tailored to your needs and we will help you develop the idea.

Kozminski Business Hub

NIP (tax identification number): 113-292-54-16

the street Jagiellońska 59,

03-301 Warsaw


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